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Eurofinca act as an agent and will  negotiate a mortgage on your behalf for a house in Spain. For  specific advice you can, of course seek professional advice of your own.

On a new estate, finance is  80%  of the purchase price or from the estimated worth, which often is  something higher.

At Eurofinca we do speak English and can give you mortgage advice here in Spain.  We have years of experience and knowledge of the Spanish fiscal system.  

Taxes in Spain

In  short, when buying a property these are the taxes you can expect to come across:


  • Income tax

  • Wealth tax

  • Property tax

  • Income tax resident/no-resident

  • Wealth tax resident/no-resident

  • Unearned increment tax from the ground

  • Wealth profit tax

  • conveyance tax

  • VAT (IVA)

  • Construction tax

Every country does have its own rules and regulations, at Eurofinca we know the Spanish rules and regulations, so you will never be in for a surprise!